• 1972 – Club formed by Willy Mullane, Tommy Mehigan, Benny McCarthy, Michael Murphy & Jim Murphy. Parish Leagues Started, 40 young kids played.
  • 1972/73 – Won Mallow U16 Tournament and entered Schoolboys League The “Cornfield”, now Ardmore Housing Estate acquired as pitch from Cork County Council.
  • 1974/75 –  CSL U14 Cup Winners Ladies Soccer Team Started with Married v Singles at Club Carnival
  • 1975/76 – CSL Under 15 League Winners. Final at Flower Lodge Cork AUL Youths Shield Sect. Winners
  • 1976/77 – Cork AUL Youths Shield Winners Cork AUL Junior 3rd.Div.League section Winners
  • 1978 – Houses built on “Cornfield” matches played at Rochestown College
  • 1978/79 – Club buys own Minibus. Committee Jim Murphy, Anne Forde, Nora Lynch and Patrick Murphy put up their houses as collateral for a bank loan to buy the Minibus and site for Rockenham Park.
  • 1981/82 – CSL Under 14 League Section Winners
  • 1982 – Club purchase site for Rockenham Park (formerly Bog & Refuse Dump Land) and leased land at Maulbaun from Co. Council while pitch is developed
  • 1982/83 – Under 8 Southside League Winners Under 10 Southside League & Cup RunnersUp Ladies Soccer 2nd.Div.League Winners Cork AUL Junior 2nd.Div.League RunnersUp
  • 1983/84 – Cork AUL Youths 2nd.Div.League RunnersUp
  • 1984/85  – Youths 2nd.Div.Cup Winners & League RunnersUp Cork AUL Junior 2nd.Div.League RunnersUp Ladies 2nd.Div.League Winners
  • 1985/86 – Rockenham Park & Clubhouse Officially Opened June 28th. 1996 CSL Under 12 League Winners Cork AULYouths League RunnersUp
  • 1986/87 – Cork AUL County Cup & St.Michaels Cup RunnersUp
  • 1987/88 – CSL Under 12 League Winners Cork AUL Presidents Cup RunnersUp (“B” Team Passage Wands.) Cork AUL Junior Div.1 League RunnersUp
  • 1988/89 – Cork AUL Youths League League RunnersUp CSL Under 15 League Winners & Cup Ru. Up
  • 1989/90 – Quarter Final of All Ireland U16 Cup losing 10 to Athlone CSL Under14 League Runners Up


1990/91 Quarter Finals of All Ireland U17 Cup losing 10 to Glebe North
1991/92 Cork AUL Youths Cup Winners & League RunnersUp
1992/93 Cork AUL Corinthians & AOH Cup Runners Up
1993/94 Cork AUL AOH Cup Winners (The Premier Trophy in Cork Soccer) Cork AUL Premier League Winners Cork AUL Youths 2nd.Div. League & Cup Winners
1994/95 Cork AUL Premier League Winners Last 16 of FAI Junior Cup & SemiFinal of Munster Junior Cup Ladies Soccer League & Cup Winners. Schoolboy Thomas Hughes Wins Mars All Ireland Skills
Dec.1995 All debts cleared. Deeds for Rockenham Park handed back Over £120,000 had been spent
1995/96 Cork AUL St. Michael’s Cup Winners (“B”Team Wanderers)
First International Honour: Aoife Aherne Caps at U16 Ladies Soccer
1996/97 Cork AUL AOH Cup Winners Ladies 2nd.Div.League & Cup Runners Up
1997/98 Cork AUL AOH Cup Winners
1998/99 Started development work at Maulbaun
1999/2000 Under 12 League RunnersUp Promoted. ‘B’ RUp 3rd. Div. League Promoted Two. New pitches & Floodlight AllWeather training area completed

2000/2001 Handed over one pitch at Maulbaun to the community for site of new National Primary School. As no land was available locally.
2001/2002 Munster Junior Cup Winners
2001/2002 Cork A.U.L. Team of the Year
2001/2002 Cork A.U.L. Manager of the Year (John ‘Bird’ Murphy)
2001/2002 Cork A.U.L. County Cup Winners Passage ‘B’ Team
2001/2002 Cork A.U.L. Youths 1st. Div. League Winners